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elementary haters i think you are confused about who lucy liu is




because for some reason a lot of people have this bizarre idea that the only characters she can play are small, weak, fragile, petite, hyper-emotional, only-romantic people, and that joan watson is destined to be that way as a result?

and that is

literally the opposite? of what reality is? objectively?

roles lucy liu has played, off the top of my head:

  • a fierce badass member of charlie’s angels, complete with frequent ass-kicking
  • the head of an international crime syndicate who chops off insubordinates’ heads with swords and tells everyone to fuck off and who ruthlessly slaughtered dozens of people for killing her parents
  • a hateful, vicious, confident, completely self-possessed hbic who doesn’t have time for anyone else’s bullshit and/or existence
  • a tough and powerful attorney who has never lost a case
  • a police officer
  • i’m pretty sure she was also a badass spy in codename: the cleaner but i’ve tried to block that movie out as thoroughly as possible

like, yeah, she’s also had some really shitty cheesy roles, and a lot of her roles have been characterized by racist tropes, but your assumptions?

about how she’s weak and fragile and defenseless and histrionic?

it is SO WEIRD how those contradict reality and instead align precisely with misogynistic and racist stereotypes!!!

i wonder why that is!!!!!!!!

spoiler alert: it’s because that is a sexist and racist opinion and you need to sit the fuck down.


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